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The couch on the

Sender Gerald Reynolds (Newberry)
Posted On 2009-02-25
Year '69?
Memoir Anyway, we called it the hill. I'm talking of course about the couch that sat on the parking strip up on 15th and right behind Keinow's. Hold on let me look that street up..yes right there at Alder on the corner was a house and on it's east side sat this couch we used to congregate on. Well, some of us did, in fact I think we were called "hoods" remember? Yes I was one of the trouble makers I guess even though I was not suspended or even punished but one time, and that was a day skipping school because of a big fight going on and I didn't want to get involved. You see I had friends on both sides so I was between a rock and a hard place. And let me tell you, as if you don't know, I was a little guy with a big guy complex...want to be the leader.

Anyway, we would smoke our cigs and (other) right on that couch and Mr.White the black truant officer used to try to catch us screwing up all the time and we made a game out of it.

So, all things considered I'm a square now a days and it's seems right to

Although I am on medical marijuana for a litany of conditions,including a back and neck break in '90 and a re-injury in '05. Then I came down with a vascular disease and lost 5 fingers and my legs to necropsy, so I'm trying to get as comfortable as I can. And medical marijuana has allowed me to decrease my opiate dosage and no one can fault one for that. That's where I stand now retired and loving my kitties and whoever else happens to fall sway to my rational outlook and reasonable demands, and I'm very funny now too.....see

waddaya call a cow with no legs?

ground beef

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