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Some teachings and friendships live on

Sender Diane Vanderpool Marks
Posted On 2009-06-14
Year 1960s
Memoir Mrs. Hudson, Mr. Berkham, Ms. Tennant, Mr. Svaren, Ms. Babcock, Mr. Heick...some of the most memorable teachers for me. Mrs. Hudson - and the year devoted to Shakespeare and some of the finest classics in literature ever taught. Mr. Berkham with his untiring energy to make us learn to think for ourselves. Ms. Tennant and our art club ARS, and for inviting us to her apartment for a meeting...we felt so grown-up. Mr. Svaren - his brooding demeanor and talent as an artist in his own right. Mr. Heick - for his love of spitituals and gospel music, Russian hymns, and insisting that we perform for the veterans, go caroling at Christmas, and making traditions that live on in our memories. And last, but not least, Ms. Babcock and her stories of being a WAC, and her patience in helping me turn my F in algebra to a B.

Had a Wa Hi Women's Reunion with some of my contemporaries several years back (17 to be exact)...we live all over the country, but managed to have an evening together.

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