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Edna Babcock, Math Teacher Extraordinary

Sender John Van Lierop, Jr.
Posted On 2009-08-07
Year 1961-62
Memoir I only attended Washington High School my freshmen year but as I look back at that year the one teacher that stands out is Edna Babcock. She was my Algebra I teacher for that school year. Her enthusiasm for math was contagious. I always looked forward to her classes. When Edna met my parents at a PTA meeting she said that I had the makings of a mathematician. As it turned out I was a music major in college. I've always felt that music and math go hand and hand together. Edna had an interesting way of returning our weekly test papers (some people might question whether that was a good idea or not). She would pass out the papers starting out with the highest scores first. I would always hold my breath hoping to get the first paper. That did happen a number of times to my great satisfaction. I would like to close my tribute to Edna Babcock by wishing her the best whether it is in this world or the next.

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