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Linus Pauling for Honorary Diploma

Sender Tamra Fisher
Posted On 2010-12-02
Year I think 67
Memoir I can remember gathering in the gym for the presentation. My brother Tim Fisher was a photographer for the year book....flash forward 20 years and I am at a garage sale in Lake Oswego, which turns out to be the sister of Mr Pauling. He is there resting in his room. My brother had tried to get his autograph the day of the presentation but failed to reach him in the crowd.

On a whim I asked if I could bring the year book back the next day and have him sign it. Both agreed. I returned (with my brother) the next day and he signed the picture.

I did buy a mahogany bureau from his room, which I had until 2008 when it was sold. Shortly after that I read about the Linus Pauling Museum...will always wonder it they would have liked to have had it.

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