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Weirdest band moment

Sender Patty Barstad
Posted On 2011-10-26
Year 1970
Memoir I belonged to the band for 3 years, 2 years with the marching band and one year with an auxiliary band that was just for fun. I played clarinet and the band teacher was Lamar Jolly, a very nice man.

In the marching band, in addition to playing at the football games, we had to march around the streets near the school to practice for the Rose Festival grand floral parade. The parade was always fun for us and a highpoint of the year. Well, we usually played marches which were loud and we marched in the morning before school. Needless to say, it annoyed some of the school's neighbors but a lot of people waved at us. I'll never forget one morning a man who was annoyed actually fired a gun. I don't think he aimed it at us but it was in reaction to the band's loud music and it was very scary. Of course, the school called the police but that was the weirdest high school band experience I ever had. No one was hurt and I think he was drunk--it was a very odd morning. But it didn't stop the WaHi marching band!

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