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Update From Christelle Parker (Knoph)
By: Christelle Parker (Knoph)
Posted on: 2010-09-10
Miss Babcock
By: James g Hartley
Posted on: 2010-08-10
Year: 1962
favorite teacher
By: peggy bechtold
Posted on: 2010-07-29
Year: 1961
Miss Tennant's influence
By: Paul Glauser
Posted on: 2010-06-24
Year: 1970
By: Marcy Conrad Oman
Posted on: 2010-05-08
Year: 1950
A Teacher Who...revisited
By: Dean Wilson
Posted on: 2009-09-14
Year: 1973
Edna Babcock, Math Teacher Extraordinary
By: John Van Lierop, Jr.
Posted on: 2009-08-07
Year: 1961-62
Some teachings and friendships live on
By: Diane Vanderpool Marks
Posted on: 2009-06-14
Year: 1960s
One more thing
By: Gerald Reynolds
Posted on: 2009-02-25
Year: '67-'71
The couch on the
By: Gerald Reynolds (Newberry)
Posted on: 2009-02-25
Year: '69?
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